Trade Paperback Originals

We believe in forward-thinking, thoughtful design. Authors are also extensively involved in the cover design process. Each title released by Menagerie Books will appear in print format as a paperback original.

— Custom trim format
— Trade paperback original
— Author design involvement

Ebooks Available

Readers should come first. That’s why we release every title simultaneously in both print and ebook formats. This allows readers to choose how they want to read, when they want it.

— Multiple ebook formats available
— Simultaneous digital and physical releases
— Special digital promotions

Strategic Promotion

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing and publicity campaign. Menagerie works with authors to identify their goals and reach readers with targeted outreach.

— Individually tailored campaigns
— Author-first ethos
— Social Media promotion

We work with

Submission Guidelines

Publication Contests

Menagerie Books offers annual publication contests in poetry and prose. Contests will be judged by nationally recognized authors in the appropriate genre.

Contest winners will receive an advance and publication. For full submission guidelines, including manuscript requirements, see our Submittable page.

Open Reading Periods

Menagerie Books has two open reading periods per year: Feb-Apr and Sept-Nov. Submissions are open to any writer who wishes to submit. There is no fee to send in a manuscript.

Menagerie publishes literary fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Full submission guidelines are available on our Submittable page.

Chapbook Launch Program

Menagerie Books has a unique chapbook publication program available in poetry and prose. Emerging writers who have not yet published a first book are invited to apply.

Chapbooks will be promoted with targeted outreach to editors, agents, and book industry influencers. Authors who publish a chapbook with Menagerie Books will receive instruction on how to navigate the publishing industry, build a platform, and increase visibility. The aim is to provide launch authors with a strong base on which to build a career.